Friday, July 23, 2010

Pole Training With Other Lover

I've always liked pole dancing but it didn't get this much fun until my other lover started as well. She is damn impressive. Caught up to me in two months and has pushed me to work harder than I ever have. We have such a good time with one another. One stuff up on the pole can often lead to laughing until it's impossible to breathe only to take one breath and break out all over again.

While I was in Japan, other lover emailed me saying as a result of missing me so much, she had come up with a pole dancer name for me, Tullulah. I loved it and we agreed on Sha-nay-nay to be her name soon after. We like these names cuz they're phonetically amusing to us.

So last night when Sha-nay-nay came over to do this week's pole homework with me, she brought along her brand spanking new Canon DSLR named Pepito. We had such a good time taking photos of one another which I'd like to share. But first, a picture I really like that she took of my dresser.

Nice job lady

Pole Climb

Aerial Back Straddle

V-Hold Spin

Back Crucifix


One Leg Front Crucifix

Kitten Kicks

We Pepito!!


· kd · said...

WAAAAH you two ladies look schmexy! MOAR MOAR!

Lynh said...

Next time I'll bring my proper pole shorts so I don't look so bad... :)

haha had so much fun with you lady! Can't wait til next time!

SLASH I LOVE MAMA'S SHOES! (However, I will bring my own pair next time LOL)


moo said...

damn you sexy bitches! wish my butt was like yours lol

theee mizzMAI said...

nice work girls... i love the last pic. total photowhores =] make mama proud! haha

Jazzy said...

wow! i didn't know pole dancing could be so cool!

Leanne said...

raunchy raunchy, but I love it. I beat Andrew will have a heart attack by the time he's 30.