Monday, September 06, 2010

Khrissa's Farewell

I miss Khrissa. She has made the difficult decision of relocating to Sydney for career related matters. It's funny how regardless of how often or rarely you see someone, you just miss them a whole heap more when the option of catching up whenever you choose to becomes more challenging.

So as proud as I am of her, I miss her. I miss her big heart, her bubbly personality, the faces she pull and her straight shooting ways. Oh yeah, she'll tell it as it is to your face whether you want to hear it or not. I adore her for it.

Here are some photos from her farewell dinner.

Outside Yum Cha Dragon.

That's what I'm talking about.

Emulating Mizz Mai's infamous duck pose.

Red velvet cupcakes by Cupcake Central.

Mama K aka the coolest mum in town provided us with plenty of laughs.

Some of our all you can eat selection.

Gorgeous lanterns.


Back at Chi Lounge.

Aww... *cries*

Dhillon and Clare.

Jimmy was as lovely as usual. He made me giggle with his, "We're gonna fuck you up... we're gonna fuck you up!!"


theee mizzMAI said...

correction: "we're gunna fuck you upppppppppppppp..." and that they did! lol.

· kd · said...

Oh yeah. I was tanked thanks to the Chi Lounge crew and all my friends!

Miss you Trang xoxo

Trang said...

Hahaha true?? He's so awesome.

"We're gonna fuck you uppppp... we're gonna fuck you uppppp..."

And his hand movements LoL!!